Rebecca Boedges, MA, MS, LCMHC

Nia Classes

Through Movement we Find Health

Nia has created some of the most joyous experiences in my life and has save me from the depth of pain.  The motto is "through movement we find health" and I believe we can find healing through using physical movement to heal the psyche and vice versa. 

Nia combines dance, martial arts, and the healing arts to create a full body workout with a focus on the emotional body, expression of JOY as well as physical fitness. My approach to fitness mirrors my approach to therapy. I believe that focused, sustained physical fitness can only be maintained if we engage the emotional body as well. If you can find something you love, combined with social connection, you can maintain fitness for life. Nia happens to be that thing for me.

I walked in to a Nia class almost fifteen years ago after a car accident and many years spent doing traditional fitness.  The first class I took I thought, this is so fun but it is not "enough" of a workout because I was not suffering and in pain like I was after running for miles and miles. I was totally wrong...over the next few classes, I began to get the moves more completely, and could feel a tremendous amount of joy throughout class as well as a difficult sweaty workout. After a couple of years as a student, I was moving from Boulder to Burlington where there were no Nia instructors so I decided to became a teacher  because I could not imagine life without it.  That was ten years ago!!! I have danced through three pregnancies and still continue to teach a class a week.