I use my decade of experience in counseling to intuitively assess how best to communicate with you and co-create your plan for growth. I also believe that it is easier to accomplish our goals when we enjoy what we are doing so I bring a healthy dose of humor and compassion to our work together. 

Executive Coaching & Coaching SERVICES

Rebecca Boedges, MA, MS, LCMHC

Business Consulting, Embodied Leadership, &  Wellness


Have you ever noticed patterns that seem to repeat themselves everywhere that you work?

Maybe you've noticed that you seem to encounter the same challenges when managing certain employees on your team?

Perhaps you see potential in an employee but no matter what you say things don't seem to change?

Maybe you are going through some personal life challenges like divorce, loss, health concerns that make it difficult to focus at work?

These are all examples of questions that may be answered in coaching with me. Our greatest asset is our presence and I can help you develop your interpersonal skills to achieve excellence in presence and motivating others. My approach is holistic and rooted in the neurobiology of communication and human experience. I believe most people are coachable and most situations can develop and grow through thoughtful leadership. Email me today for a free consult! Its free- what do you have to lose?  I work with clients in person and remotely to fit your needs.